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  • What are the technical requirenments for online learning

    You just need a laptop, desktop, tablet, ipad or a smartphone that has access to the internet. All learning material is available for viewing and downloading.

  • What are acceptable methods of payment and when do I have to pay ?

    Paying with your cheque card, credit card or any card that support online payment. Cash option are available,contact your instructor for details. You have to pay upfront before you can start a course. Our site uses PayPal, if it’s not supported in you country contact us

  • What kind of credits do I get?

    Online courses are not accredited because they are not qualifications. If you persue our full qualifications, we will convert these online course into credits for a theological qualification via our RPL process which is available to South African students only because a student has to attend classes for a full qualification.

  • If I get stuck during the course who will help me ?

    You should contact your instructor on whatsapp +27810109777, email

  • Why courses are priced in dollars?

    Dollar is the world reference currency, but when you pay at the checkout basket the dollar will change to your local currency calculated at the exchange rate at the time of purchase.